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  • What are NFTs and how to buy them?

    What are NFTs and how to buy them?

    You’ve probably heard about NFTs on the news or social media. You might’ve also seen them somewhere but don’t understand what they are – don’t worry, this simple guide will help you understand what NFTs are, how they work, and how to buy them.   What are NFTs? NFTs, which stands for Non-Fungible Token, is simply […]

    YouTube Announces Monetization for ...
    YouTube Announces Monetization for Shorts Creators 💰
  • NFL Rivals play-to-earn NFT game announced

    NFL Rivals play-to-earn NFT game announced

    The National Football League, NFL Players Association, and Mythical Games are partnering for NFL Rivals. Here’s how Mythical Games describes the game according to Game Freaks 365: Delivering on the fantasy of being a team General Manager, this fun, easy to play game will allow NFL fans and gamers alike to compete against other GMs […]

  • How to use Coinbase

    How to use Coinbase

    On April 14, 2021, netizens all across the globe said “today we can buy the company that helps us buy cryptocurrencies.” Coinbase – which is one of the most popular crypto exchanges and wallets out there – decided to go public with the ticker $COIN on Nasdaq. This has made Coinbase even more popular, especially […]

  • Where to buy NFTs

    Where to buy NFTs

    A decade ago, no one would’ve imagined where blockchain technology will take us. Fast forward to 2022; it appears that blockchain technology is coming around and will play an important role in our daily lives. To add to this, crypto assets remain a multi-trillion industry. Non-fungible tokens (aka NFTs) shook the crypto market last year. […]

  • What are Crypto Punks?

    What are Crypto Punks?

    They might appear to be ordinary 8-bit avatars, but their value is far from ordinary. Crypto Punks are amongst the top-selling NFTs, and their prices are all expected to rise as NFTs gain more traction. So what are crypto punks? Let’s get into it! Founded in the year 2017, Crypto Punks were made by Larva […]

  • What is Solana cryptocurrency?

    What is Solana cryptocurrency?

    Solana is being talked about everywhere within the crypto community because of its recent price jump. Since the start of August 2021, Solana has jumped over 100 percent. On August 18, Solana hit its all-time high to about $80.12 which made most people question what Solana is so they can make better investment decisions. The […]

  • What is Kraken?

    What is Kraken?

    Cryptocurrencies are growing as we speak, both in terms of the launching of new coins and in popularity. As Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the famous meme coins’ prices surged in the first quarter of this year, people around the world gained interest in cryptocurrencies like never before to the benefit of exchanges like Kraken. As […]