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  • WSJ: Crypto has an insider trading problem

    WSJ: Crypto has an insider trading problem

    Cryptocurrency traders know that insider trading is a serious problem. Is anything going to be done about it? We’ve been reporting on the collapse of UST and LUNA. And while algorithmic stablecoins are looking a lot like a ‘pyramid’ scheme, there’s another scheme that cryptocurrency traders need to be wary of that’s typically associated with […]

  • How to use Binance

    How to use Binance

    Buying and selling crypto doesn’t have to be difficult. Many wallets out there have made the job much easier than it used to be including Binance. Nothing is more frustrating than looking at the charts going up and down, and you – being an amateur – can’t get a grip of what’s happening. I know […]

  • Where to buy NFTs

    Where to buy NFTs

    A decade ago, no one would’ve imagined where blockchain technology will take us. Fast forward to 2022; it appears that blockchain technology is coming around and will play an important role in our daily lives. To add to this, crypto assets remain a multi-trillion industry. Non-fungible tokens (aka NFTs) shook the crypto market last year. […]