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  • How to use Coinbase

    How to use Coinbase

    On April 14, 2021, netizens all across the globe said “today we can buy the company that helps us buy cryptocurrencies.” Coinbase – which is one of the most popular crypto exchanges and wallets out there – decided to go public with the ticker $COIN on Nasdaq. This has made Coinbase even more popular, especially […]

    3 Basic Facts About Bitcoin - Finan...
    3 Basic Facts About Bitcoin - Financierpro
  • What is Dash coin cryptocurrency?

    What is Dash coin cryptocurrency?

    There are a ton of cryptocurrencies on the market, so you may not have heard of the Dash coin. Dash is one of the middleweights with a market cap just shy of $2 billion as of October 2021. Initially named as Xcoin, then Darkcoin, and later renamed as Dash coin, DASH has come a long […]

  • Bitcoin rallies above $50,000

    Bitcoin rallies above $50,000

    Today, Bitcoin broke through $50,000 for the first time since early September. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has rallied in recent days. Bitcoin has seen its price rise from a 30-day low of $39,600 on September 20 to $50,200 as of 2 PM Eastern Time on October 10, 2021. Bitcoin has had a bumpy road this year. […]

  • How do cryptocurrencies work?

    How do cryptocurrencies work?

    Hearing a lot about cryptocurrency lately? Undoubtedly, you have a lot of questions. We have answers! Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. In simple terms, this means that they can be used to buy goods or services based on an online ledger system with very strong cryptography at the back-end ensuring all transactions that take place are […]

  • What is Kraken?

    What is Kraken?

    Cryptocurrencies are growing as we speak, both in terms of the launching of new coins and in popularity. As Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the famous meme coins’ prices surged in the first quarter of this year, people around the world gained interest in cryptocurrencies like never before to the benefit of exchanges like Kraken. As […]

  • What are stablecoins and are they the future of cryptocurrency?

    What are stablecoins and are they the future of cryptocurrency?

    As the name suggests, stablecoins are there to solve one very important issue – a stable value – which volatile crypto counterparts lack. The stability of stablecoins comes with the help of them being supported with a stable asset, usually fiat – a government-issued currency that we’re already using, such as Euros and US dollars. […]

  • Cryptocurrency and e-commerce: The major issues and a possible solution

    Cryptocurrency and e-commerce: The major issues and a possible solution

    2021 has been something if you’ve been following crypto and invested in it. What seemed like a utopia a decade earlier is now making international headlines, offering consumers and investors a new means to transfer cash and invest in a digital asset which might be the currency of tomorrow. While the technology is promising, there […]