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  • How to use Coinbase

    How to use Coinbase

    On April 14, 2021, netizens all across the globe said “today we can buy the company that helps us buy cryptocurrencies.” Coinbase – which is one of the most popular crypto exchanges and wallets out there – decided to go public with the ticker $COIN on Nasdaq. This has made Coinbase even more popular, especially […]

  • How to use Binance

    How to use Binance

    Buying and selling crypto doesn’t have to be difficult. Many wallets out there have made the job much easier than it used to be including Binance. Nothing is more frustrating than looking at the charts going up and down, and you – being an amateur – can’t get a grip of what’s happening. I know […]

  • How to spot shitcoins and avoid cryptocurrency scams

    How to spot shitcoins and avoid cryptocurrency scams

    It’s not an isolated case where people lose their money online by investing in something they thought would give them future benefits. Unfortunately, the reality is that cryptocurrency scams are everywhere. There’s even a word for it: shitcoins. Despite being supported by one of the safest options online which is blockchain technology, crypto scams are […]

  • What is Terra LUNA coin?

    What is Terra LUNA coin?

    The Terra LUNA coin is making headlines in the crypto space for its historic collapse. But what is Terra LUNA coin? In today’s fast-evolving digital economy, especially thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that allowed digital systems to evolve faster, digital payment systems have become essential to today’s global economy. However, there are still many hurdles, […]

  • How to buy USD Tether

    How to buy USD Tether

    Digital currencies are everywhere. More and more users around the globe are adopting and integrating their businesses with digital technologies, including their payment methods. At the same time, cryptocurrencies have promised themselves to be digital coins and currency. However, their volatility is a significant reason they are not widely adopted. In order to combat this, […]

  • What is Chia network?

    What is Chia network?

    The Chia network is a cryptocurrency (XCH) that works in a rather unique manner as compared to the other cryptocurrencies that are out in the market. The founder of the Chia network Bram Cohen is well known for being the author of BitTorrent protocol which is being used by millions all around the world – […]

  • What are Crypto Punks?

    What are Crypto Punks?

    They might appear to be ordinary 8-bit avatars, but their value is far from ordinary. Crypto Punks are amongst the top-selling NFTs, and their prices are all expected to rise as NFTs gain more traction. So what are crypto punks? Let’s get into it! Founded in the year 2017, Crypto Punks were made by Larva […]

  • What is Proof of History?

    What is Proof of History?

    You’ve probably heard of Proof of History. But what is it? Cryptocurrencies are complex. There is no doubt about it. For them to operate, they undergo complex methods to ensure you get the same amount you were supposed to receive or to send. Among these complex sets of codes is proof of history. Proof of […]

  • What is Dash coin cryptocurrency?

    What is Dash coin cryptocurrency?

    There are a ton of cryptocurrencies on the market, so you may not have heard of the Dash coin. Dash is one of the middleweights with a market cap just shy of $2 billion as of October 2021. Initially named as Xcoin, then Darkcoin, and later renamed as Dash coin, DASH has come a long […]

  • Bitcoin rallies above $50,000

    Bitcoin rallies above $50,000

    Today, Bitcoin broke through $50,000 for the first time since early September. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has rallied in recent days. Bitcoin has seen its price rise from a 30-day low of $39,600 on September 20 to $50,200 as of 2 PM Eastern Time on October 10, 2021. Bitcoin has had a bumpy road this year. […]