Where to buy NFTs

Where to buy NFTs

A decade ago, no one would’ve imagined where blockchain technology will take us. Fast forward to 2022; it appears that blockchain technology is coming around and will play an important role in our daily lives. To add to this, crypto assets remain a multi-trillion industry.

Non-fungible tokens (aka NFTs) shook the crypto market last year. NFTs present digital ownership over something. Further, since they are built on a blockchain network, it guarantees their safety and proof of ownership. NFTs can be many things such as photographs, music, GIFs, videos, government-issued documents, and digital art. The NFT market grew to about $40 billion in 2021.

The boom is a reason why many people want to cash in and invest in NFTs. However, they do not know what places they can go to make those purchases. In this article, we will share four renowned NFT marketplaces where you can buy NFTs and also trade them.


OpenSea is the most common NFT marketplace. Despite some PR challenges, it still remains on top of the list of NFT traders and customers. It was founded in 2017 and lists some of the world’s most expensive NFTs and NFT projects. Users are able to find any kind of NFT they are looking for, along with which they can also purchase virtual metaverse land(s).

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At the end of 2021, OpenSea had a trading volume of about $14 billion which is a 646% increase from 2020. Its top collections include Bored Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punk, and Decentraland. OpenSea is expected to remain dominant in the world of NFTs even in 2022 despite increasing competition.


The next NFT marketplace on our list is Foundation which was founded in the year 2021 and has skyrocketed in its number of users. Its success came when it hosted the NFT sale of Nyan Cat, an internet meme sensation. It has also featured works from some renowned individuals such as Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, Aphex Twin, and Edward Snowden. 

Similar to that of OpenSea, users need a MetaMask wallet which they can collect on Foundation. You can then purchase artwork, list them, and also trade them.

Binance NFT

Looking at the demand for NFTs, the world’s largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume (Binance) launched its own NFT marketplace. The idea behind the launch of Binance NFT was to allow their daily users to conveniently purchase and list NFTs, without having the need to make a MetaMask wallet or linking it up with a third-party application. 

The marketplace has been quite successful, especially in the realm of gaming NFTs.


SuperRare is another growing peer-to-peer marketplace that is used for buying and selling single edition digital artwork as NFTs. Its user experience is quite similar to that of an Instagram profile that lists prices and timed auctions. One of its top sellers remains the cover of the renowned Time magazine which was sold for over $300,000. The website also features an active social media feed along with a calendar of upcoming exhibitions. 

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